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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sweet Target Finds

I think I may be a little behind on discovering the ELF Elements Custom Compact but I am definitely glad I did! I was looking around my local Target and I spotted this bargain priced beauty!  They are only a few bucks and you can find them at most drugstores.

This is a sleek and sturdy customizable plastic palette that is magnetic and holds 4 shadows.  They are meant to be used to hold ELF eyeshadow pans, but will work for any eyeshadow pan that is the same size and shape.

I used mine to hold a few of my MAC shadows. I should mention, MUG eyeshadows will fit in this as well, but you will need to glue magnetic strips or dots to them. Same goes for de-potted MAC shadows. However, the shadows I placed in there were the MAC Pro-Palette refill pans , so they already had magnets on the bottom of the pan and popped right in! Colors shown: Mulch, Vanilla, Samoa Silk, and Contrast. This palette also came with a little applicator, but I knew it was something I wouldn't use so I threw it out. It just seemed too small to be able to use to apply eyeshadow.

I found this in the office supply aisle! It's meant for pens and junk, but as soon as I saw this I thought it would great for organizing and storing eyeliners and such. I used it for lip liners, eyebrow stuff, mascara, and my NYX Jumbo Pencils as well. I really like looking around Target to find cool makeup storage options. They have a lot of cute colorful stuff that's pretty reasonably priced. It's really so much much easier to utilize your collection when it's organized.

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