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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Z-Palette and Nails

Hola again! Just wanted to show off my two newest obsessions the first being: my Z-Palette!

The one I have is the Leopard-Small Palette. I first heard of these palettes on Makeup Geek and figured I would try a small one to start. I love it! You can see all of your colors through the top so no searching through mass amounts of stuff and the bottom is magnetic so you can put all different shapes and sizes of eyeshadow pans! So far I have three Makeup Geek shadows (Purple Rain, Chickadee, and Burlesque) and a few MUFE ones. This is also great for pressed pigments. Every palette now comes with magnetic stickers you can label, so you can easily use them for de-potted MAC shadows too (most of the time de-potted shadows have non-metal pans, such as the NYX eyeshadow trios). The Z-Palettes come in two sizes: large and small and come in a variety of colors and patterns. I really like these for everyday use but I've heard some say they are not the sturdiest for traveling.

I ordered another palette today, along with some MAC pigment samples and empty pans so that I can press them. I'll have to post again when they come in the mail. And now my other latest obsession: nail stickers! The ones I am wearing in the picture are a set of Kiss ones I found at Walgreens over a mint colored polish; don't remember the name. You basically just put them on and file off the the excess! There's no dry time which is awesome because I'm the most impatient person ever lol. I immediately bought 7 more packs! I couldn't resist I'm addicted :)

I even put one on my toe!

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